by Polarbeers

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Polarbeers' debut album includes rock, seventies hard rock, blues, grunge, punk, stoner, psychedelic, hardcore, post-hardcore, ambient, acoustic and funk elements.
It's a concept album divided in three EPs that follow the band's path from the beginning, through style and lineup changes, towards its release.

Part I

1. Prelude
2. On My Knees
3. The Battle of Evenmore
4. Headache
5. Baby Please Go On
6. Tetris

Part II

7. Intro
8. P.G.O.
9. The Dog
10. Interlude
11. Hello
12. Fresh Pots!
13. Everywhere But Home

Part III

14. If You Feel Like I'm a Bad Dream (Let Your Head Roll Down by the Hill)
15. 1MV
16. Hop
17. Wrong / Right
18. Pray


released June 30, 2013

Polarbeers are:

Fox - guitars, vocals
Minus - drums, backing vocals, keyboards
Paul - bass, gong

All songs arranged by Polarbeers
except for Hop arranged by Polarbeers and Giuseppe Salvadori

Recorded and mixed by Giuseppe Salvadori
at Officine Meccaniche Recording Studios, Milan
between July 2012 and January 2013

Additional recordings by Fox at the Fox's Lair

Mastered by Giovanni Versari at La Maestà

Additional tambourine and chaos by Niccolò Di Gregorio
Additional acoustic guitar by Minus
Additional bass by Fox

Polarbeers logo by Matteo Tosi
Front cover by Paride Surace

Produced by Polarbeers



all rights reserved


Polarbeers Milan, Italy

Different Music for Different People


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Track Name: On My Knees
Hey, you, shut the fuck up,
I'm not listening to what you're saying
May I suggest that you immediately
get out of my life?

Dead and gone,
anything we meant to each other
Said and done,
everything ended the way it started
I'm not the person I used to be
we're not the person we used to be
and it's your fault

Shame on you
and all the ways I tried to
show you're worth the pain,
while nothing on this Earth could save you,
I won't waste other words in vain
Track Name: The Battle of Evenmore
I lost my faith in international shipping,
but I know I really just can't stop bidding
Can you remember the first day
you realized this is something you

can't control?
All you really do need right now
is to watch out from Evenmore

This is the time of the here and now,
you know you can't even imagine how
The more you have,
the more you're trouble bound

Say something
can you hear me or do I have to say it again?
I'm trying to show you the way
Track Name: Headache
Yesterday's gone,
Yesterday's gone away

Yesterday's yet to come
Track Name: Baby Please Go On
You make me feel everything I need
to forget the ones who try to hold me
You make me be anything I want
to get rid of all the things I'm sick of

Show me how to love
teach me how to love
I want it now
I want it all
Baby, baby, please go on

Everyday, everynight,
every breath you take
I want it to be mine
Anywhere, anytime,
ain't no chance for me
to get you off my mind
Track Name: Tetris
You wouldn't tell
how much difficult
it could be
writing a song,
finding the words
Track Name: P.G.O.
So this is what they said to you
and how much they care?
Do you still think they're good to you
or does it look unfair?

The World's full of people
with empty heads and wallets filled
with someone else's dreams

Know it all,
mean it all,
you really don't need to come back at all,
say it all,
don't let them overbear you
All you really do need right now is just
to dare
Track Name: The Dog
Waste your time and money,
feed it

Open the door and it will
never end

Seems like everyone
strives to die
It will tear off
your child's arm

We all know
there never was a first time
Track Name: Hello
Hello, my dearest friend,
it's been some time since we last met
I'm looking for you now as I know
you will help me out again

Do you remember when
we took the place of someone else?
We had a ball

Nothing new,
something good to you,

Today I'm in the mood
Still I don't know which way to turn
Take it on
Track Name: Fresh Pots!
Oh day, where have you gone?
I haven't seen you all night long
The clock, for a second,
I thought it was broken

And it's too late,
but we don't care

Fresh Pot,
damn I need it,
give it to me!!!

That's right,
what I'm saying
doesn't have
any sense at all

But we don't care,
'cause it's too late
Track Name: Everywhere But Home
I got a ticket to the Other Side of the Moon,
and if you want me to do something special with you,
here's a ticket for two to the Other Side of the Moon

Everyday, all the time, waste your time
trying to show what you're worth, blow the evidence
Everything that you do, they don't care,
same old story, blow the evidence

Away is all I ever want to be,
my way is far away from this city,
I'm not coming back until it understands
the need to stop dying

Today, to find my way
seems more difficult than I expected
Right now, I don't know how
but all I need is to be Everywhere But Home
Track Name: If You Feel Like I'm a Bad Dream (Let Your Head Roll Down by the Hill)
You've got to have patience, my friend
You've got to have patience, again
You've got to have faith in all those things
you should have known would come again

You've got to have patience, my friend
You've got to have patience, again
Trust me you won't find out the meaning
until you haven't seen the end

You've got to have patience, my friend
You've got to have patience, again
Wasted I wouldn't say,
instead think of another way

I try, I swear and I try,
keep wondering why
Deny, you only deny,
keep wondering why
My time, your time,
debatable tie
I'll die, you could swear that I'll die
still wondering why

Let your head roll down by the hill
Track Name: 1MV
Some live in denial,
some take it easier,
then higher they fly
Track Name: Wrong / Right
Underground Frenesie
Twisted Priorities
Responsible Lunacy
Unique Conventionality

Dazed by Technology
Blind Individualism
Profuse Communication
Lean Communication

Time's up for Cold Wars
meanwhile we've gone Way More Warm

I'm not saying what is wrong or right
I just say what I feel like
Good times and bad times spinning
'round and 'round and 'round again
I'm not saying what is wrong or right

I Work I Earn I Pay I Claim

Am I saying what is wrong or right
or I just say what I feel like?
Good times and bad times spinning
'round and 'round and 'round again
I don't care about what is wrong or right
Track Name: Pray
Goodbye, this time
See you yesterday,
I see no other way

This time I think I found the
way I was strugglin' for
Don't try to change my mind
I ain't in charge no more
Forget the sorrow now,
don't let this takeoff take you down

We used to feel like this
long long time ago
Remember when we stood
two, three, four hours or so?
The rain was chilling us,
the sky was bruised
and so I thought

why do we have to keep on
behaving like this?
Why don't we just drink something
together and play?
They would be satisfied
They would be telling us

Don't wait for me,
don't pray for me
I'm not coming back soon

Don't pray for me,
don't wait for me
I won't be back at all

Fly, dive into water with my wooden wings
the sound we make is nothing to believe

is all I ever want to see on your face
assembling to remember me